Website Help to Increase Conversions

  1. Keep your website simple! A simple landing page makes it easy for a site visitor to navigate through your site and get exactly what they want. Having too many distractions like an over use of photos or banners can direct potential costumers away and make them lose focus of what you want them to do on your page.
  2. Help visitors find what they want! Make navigation through your site simple.
  3. Guide them in what to do! Give them a call to action! Join, Add, Download, Visit! Make them be interactive with your site while also keeping it simple!
  4. Build Trust! Potential clients are going to look for reviews about your product, make it simple for them! Share it on the site and show them how trustworthy you are as a company. Communicate with clients!
  5. Use Real pictures! A picture is worth a thousand words. Visitors can tell whether or not a photo is authentic or not to the site. Why lie to them? Share who and what your story is through real photos, it makes a difference.

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